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Whitetail Calls

Rush Custom Callers Deer Grunt Tubes

Our whitetail buck and doe bleat grunt tubes have what we can confidently say is one of the most realistic sounds of any grunt tube on the market today. This was also corroborated by Peter Fiduccia, an award-winning journalist, when he featured RCC in his latest book, Shooter’s Bible Guide To Deer Hunting. By using reed material that is 25% thinner than any mass-produced calls on the market, RCC allows the caller to “whisper” into the barrel without the sound sneaking up on you. This is clutch for the archer in the field that needs to communicate in a very intimate setting. A grommet is pressed into the end of the reed creating what we like to call the audible anatomical difference between female and male. As we all know, men have an Adam’s apple and females do not. This helps create the authentic “click” in the voice of a buck and slightly less for a doe. The application of the reed is also held in place by a rubber grommet simulating soft tissue, as opposed to rigid plastic-to-plastic synthetic sounding connections. On all doe bleat grunt tubes, there is an added accent band on the end of the barrel to differentiate between the buck and doe calls.


As a New York State Certified Hunter Education Instructor, owner Brian Rush strongly encourages everyone to practice safe and ethical hunting methods. Wear a harness when elevated, know your surroundings, form good relationships, and take a kid out in the field! We define ethics as doing the right thing when no one else is watching. So please do everything in your power to return to your family every evening, know your game laws, have fun, be safe, and shoot straight.

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