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About Us

Custom Handcrafted Hunting Game Calls

Rush Custom Callers (RCC ) is a one-man operation run by owner and craftsman, Brian Rush. As an avid hunter himself, Brian knows every hunt is different. That’s why every game call Brian creates is individually hand crafted and tuned to the specifications of each customer. From the lumber used and the personalized wood burning to the color and finish, every call is made specifically for your hunt.

Your Unique Hunting Call Made In The USA

When you choose RCC for your custom game call, you won’t find your call sitting on a shelf. Brian takes pride in his 'one at a time' method. RCC does not use any type of wood shaper, replicator, or duplicator to create calls. Every part of the process is 100% domestic made in the USA, from the reed material, color, finish, glues, and 550 paracord lanyard.

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We all have that one special place or lucky charm that means the world to us. Whether it be the tree your child shot their first deer from, grandpa's old tree stand, or whatever it might be, RCC invites you to share those stories and let us help keep them alive for life! Let Rush Custom Callers turn your sentimental attachment into your very own custom call. Located in the Hills of West Glenville, NY, we invite anyone upon appointment to visit the RCC operation as Brian is truly proud of what he has created at RCC and can’t wait to see what he can create for you!

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