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DWO Signature Calls

DWO Signature Series Call From Rush Custom Callers

Rush Custom Callers has teamed up with DownWind Outdoors to create the new DWO Signature Series Call! This closed reed mouth call is our call of choice for your hunt. After years of experimentation and dozens of “off the shelf” calls, we have created this specific call to produce both soft and coaxing sounds to lure predators in close, and the “raspy n’ nasty” screams that reach out and bring them in from long distances. The call blows easily with minimal air pressure for closer situations as well! Our DWO series is designed for the specific tones we all know are irresistible to any coyote on Earth, and the reeds are encased in your choice of a quality-finished solid wood barrel. Try your luck with the new DWO Signature Series call, and take your hunt to the next level, today!

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