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Hybrid Calls

One-Of-A-Kind Hybrid Game Call

The species of lumber or other material chosen for our Hybrid Game Calls is meticulously handpicked by Brian, who inspects and uses only the highest-quality selection of organically shaped lumber he can find. However, when using unique materials, Brian stabilizes each one himself. This process is lengthy and time-consuming, but the overall strength for longevity and beauty is rewarding. Then, a two-part alumilite resin is used in casting to create blanks before turning on the lathe. Every mold is hand-built by Brian and his specified parameters to create this unique line of hybrid-style game calls. Every individual hybrid call is as unique as a fingerprint and impossible to replicate, making it truly a one-of-a-kind game call.


As a New York State Certified Hunter Education Instructor, owner Brian Rush strongly encourages everyone to practice safe and ethical hunting methods. Wear a harness when elevated, know your surroundings, form good relationships, and take a kid out in the field! We define ethics as doing the right thing when no one else is watching. So please do everything in your power to return to your family every evening, know your game laws, have fun, be safe, and shoot straight.

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